Studio G: Gerhard Talks Art, Curation and His Vision

Gerhard van Niekerk is not only a talented artist and sculptor, he is also the curator for the beautiful Studio G Gallery at The Bay Hotel, and the maker of the exquisite sculpture currently on display on the lawns of Camps Bay Retreat. Van Niekerk has a personal connection with Village N Life, and especially […]


Specific events can have a profound impact on one’s life and work. For artists, life events have always been a source of inspiration. The untimely death of a friend is a recent life event that not only shook me to my core, but also provided very clear and insistent inspiration of a recent sculpture. My […]

Launching Studio G Art Galleries

In 2018, I entered into a partnership with the world-renowned hospitality and tourism group, Village N Life, and launched Studio G art galleries. Studio G aims to provide a unique platform for established as well as emerging local artists to exhibit their work in some of South Africa’s most luxurious, exclusive and successful hotels. Studio […]