Installation at Camps Bay Retreat

I recently had the honour of installing a larger-than-life female torso sculpture at the exquisite Camps Bay Retreat. The installation was extra special for me for two reasons. Firstly, I used to work for Village and Life – the company that owns and operates the Camps Bay Retreat – and secondly, I once lived on […]


As a figurative sculptor, my subject has always been the human body. The human body fascinates me – how beautiful it could be, what incredible feats it can achieve, how hard and far it can be pushed, but also how ugly, fragile and weak it can be. As a young boy I was diagnosed with […]

Knysna 20 Year Birthday Exhibition

9 November 2017 marked the opening of Knysna Fine Arts 20 Year Birthday Exhibition. Leading up to the exhibition, Trent Read, the owner of the gallery noted: “Two decades is a milestone in any business but to survive as a gallery in a small town is quite special. As in any worthwhile journey there have […]