Knysna 20 Year Birthday Exhibition

9 November 2017 marked the opening of Knysna Fine Arts 20 Year Birthday Exhibition.

Leading up to the exhibition, Trent Read, the owner of the gallery noted:

“Two decades is a milestone in any business but to survive as a gallery in a small town is quite special. As in any worthwhile journey there have been difficult times and none more so than the recent fires in Knysna which were an existential threat to the entire community. The reason why we have succeeded is twofold – the support, work and friendship of wonderful artists and the same support and friendship from clients form across the country and around the world”.

The anniversary exhibition also introduced the gallery’s new curator, Corlie de Kock – and old friend from Stellenbosch. Corlie has been instrumental in rekindling my passion and obsession with sculpture.

I had the privilege of participating in this wonderful exhibition.

On the opening night my Tatiana sculpture was purchased by a lovely lady from Germany.

This made the opening night just a little bit more special for me.