Medium    Marble & GFRC composite

Edition      8

Height       720mm

Width         220mm

Depth         130mm


An edition of 7 is available in bronze.


Our ability to think, to wonder and to doubt are part of what make us human. It shapes not only who we are and how we perceive ourselves, but also the world we are living in.

However, when we become obsessed and consumed with our own thoughts all the time, we begin to lose touch with reality.

Overthinking leads us to inactivity and an incapacity to see, accept and live with the realities we are faced with. We become stuck. Unable to move. Our thoughts can make us inflexible – it could in a sense turn us to stone.

Contemplation is a reminder that thinking – contemplation – can be a most wonderful gift, but if left unchecked, it can become a curse.