Gerhard van Niekerk was born in 1980 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. From a young age Gerhard developed a keen interest in the human body. Its individual uniqueness, beauty, strength and movement, but also its fragility, vulnerability and temporality. These are also the underlying themes of his sculptures.

In his work Gerhard develop these themes by juxtaposing seemingly contradicting concepts as well as techniques. For example, hard vs soft; smooth vs rough; growth vs decay; permanent vs temporary; realistic vs abstract; classic vs contemporary.

This well-defined thematic approach, combined with his exceptional technical skill, results in not just beautifully made sculptures, but also thought-provoking pieces of art.

Gerhard prefers to model his sculptures in clay, where after he casts it in a unique marble and GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) composite he developed.  This medium creates sculptures of immense strength and durability, while still allowing him to portray his interpretations of the human body.

In 2018, Gerhard entered into partnership with the world-renowned hospitality and tourism group, Village N Life, and launched Studio G art galleries. Studio G provides a unique platform, not only for his work, but also for other established as well as emerging local artists to exhibit their work in some of South Africa’s most luxurious, exclusive and successful hotels.

Represented by some of the most highly regarded and iconic galleries in South Africa, Gerhard’s work is sought after by private collectors both locally and internationally.



Gerhard is represented by three of the most highly regarded and iconic galleries in South Africa, namely Knysna Fine Art, The Gallery at Grande Provence in Franschhoek and Agapanthus in Kalk Bay.

These galleries specialize in contemporary South African art in a variety of media, although a number of international fine artists are also exhibited. They host several annual exhibitions and regularly mount shows elsewhere in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

The owner of these galleries is Trent Read, the elder son of the late Everard Read, who was the doyen of South African art dealers. Trent is considered an expert in contemporary South African art. He and his team consult to museums, corporate and private collectors both locally and internationally, and offer expert advice on the care and maintenance of collections.


Installation at Camps Bay Retreat

Installation at Camps Bay Retreat I recently had the honour of installing a larger-than-life female torso sculpture at the exquisite Camps Bay Retreat. The installation was extra special for me for two reasons. Firstly, I used to work for Village and Life – the company that owns and operates the Camps Bay Retreat – and […]


Fragments As a figurative sculptor, my subject has always been the human body. The human body fascinates me – how beautiful it could be, what incredible feats it can achieve, how hard and far it can be pushed, but also how ugly, fragile and weak it can be. As a young boy I was diagnosed […]

Knysna 20 Year Birthday Exhibition

Knysna 20 Year Birthday Exhibition 9 November 2017 marked the opening of Knysna Fine Arts 20 Year Birthday Exhibition. Leading up to the exhibition, Trent Read, the owner of the gallery noted: “Two decades is a milestone in any business but to survive as a gallery in a small town is quite special. As in […]


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